Double Hung Windows

Exclusive 57mm Hi-Point Windows Suite

Double Hung Windows provide flexibility and cater for those who seek more traditional and classic features in their projects.


This suite can seamlessly adapt to all Hi-Point Windows suites, such as the Sliding Window Suites or Awning Suite.


This allows for great customisation options, providing exclusive configurations to those who want a unique product for a smaller price.

At Hi-Point Windows we don't use any standard sizes, which means customers have flexibility in their sizing and design options.


Keyed Sash Lock


. Lockable swivel action double hung window lock

. Swivel type two-way action
. Key to lock and unlock
. Optional one way screws
. Range of keepers for timber and aluminium window applications

. Standard 16 mm bases
. Australian made with imported cylinder


Standard finish is Satin Black, other finishes available if requested:

  • Bright Gold

  • Satin Chrome

  • Bright Chrome

  • White 

Performance data

57mm Exclusive Hi Point Windows Suite


Maximum height of window - 2100mm


Window heights more than 2100mm, require Highlites or Lowlites


Maximum width of window - 1300mm.


Window widths more than 1300mm need to have Fixed Panels or other suites coupled

Up to 6.76mm thickness of glass can be integrated


150Pa Water Rating


1100Pa Design Rating


1100Pa Serviceability Loading