Window Installation in Newcastle NSW

Double Hung Windows

Exclusive 57mm Hi-Point Windows Suite

Double Hung Windows provide flexibility and cater for those who seek more traditional and classic features in their projects. This suite can seamlessly adapt to all Hi-Point Windows suites, such as the Sliding Window Suites or Awning Suite. This allows for great customisation options, providing exclusive configurations to those who want a unique product for a smaller price.

At Hi-Point Windows we don’t use any standard sizes, which means customers have flexibility in their sizing and design options.


Keyed Sash Lock

  • Lockable swivel action double hung window lock
  • Swivel type two-way action
  • Key to lock and unlock
  • Optional one way screws
  • Range of keepers for timber and aluminium window applications
  • Standard 16 mm bases
  • Australian made with imported cylinder

Standard finish is Satin Black, other finishes available if requested:

  • Bright Gold
  • Satin Chrome
  • Bright Chrome
  • White

Performance Data

57mm Exclusive Hi Point Windows Suite

  • Maximum height of window – 2100mm
  • Window heights more than 2100mm, require Highlites or Lowlites
  • Maximum width of window – 1300mm.
  • Window widths more than 1300mm need to have Fixed Panels or other suites coupled
  • Up to 6.76mm thickness of glass can be integrated
  • 150Pa Water Rating
  • 1100Pa Design Rating
  • 1100Pa Serviceability Loading
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