Exclusive 57mm Hi-Point Windows Suite

A sliding window that allows flexibility and caters for those who seek either slim-line or heavy duty features for their project.

This sliding window suite is highly flexible, as it seamlessly adapts to all Hi-Point Windows packages such as the double hung suite or awning suite. This allows for innovative design and custom configurations.

Hi-Point Windows does not use standard sizes, which means customers have total flexibility in their size and design options. That flexibility is key to achieving an exclusive look.

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Whitco Premium Zinc Die Cast Window Locks

Available in Lockable (standard) and Non-Lockable

Zinc die cast construction

Stylish and contemporary design

Spring loaded catch for automatic latching

Available in Black (Standard), White, Satin Chrome.

Key alike available

Whitco Sliding Window Lockset

 Heavy duty Storm Sill, specially designed

Our heavy duty Storm Sill comes as Standard on all sliding windows.


Hi-Point Windows has integrated a custom designed Storm Sill which has a deep sill structure that blocks any water that could potentially creep inside. 


57mm Exclusive Hi Point Windows Suite

Maximum height of window - 1500mm
Windows with height of more than 1500mm require Highlites or Lowlites.

Up to 6.76mm thickness of glass can be used
Up to 200Pa water rating
Up to 700Pa design rating
Up to 900Pa serviceability loading

slider - fix

Window Code = SF

View From Outside

Fix - slider

Window Code = FS

View From Outside

Slider - Fix - Slider

Window Code = SFS

View From Outside

Fix - Slider - Slider - Fix

Window Code = FSSF

View From Outside

Configurations Available

slider - fix - Low Lite

Window Code = SF-L

View From Outside

Fix - slider - Low Lite

Window Code = FS-L

View From Outside

Slider - Fix - Slider - LowLite

Window Code = SFS-L

View From Outside

Fix - Slider - Slider - Fix - Low lite

Window Code = FSSF-L

View From Outside

slider - fix - Slider Fix

Window Code = SF-(SFL)

View From Outside

Fix - slider - Fixed Slider

Window Code = FS-(FSL)

View From Outside

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