Quality Shower Screen Panels Available for Newcastle

Framed Shower Screens

Our fantastic range of framed shower screens are highly flexible, meaning they can be installed directly onto your bathroom floor or raised hobs and even onto your bath tubs. There are two types of framed shower screens available:

  • Sliding Screens (1 slider), or stacker screens (2 or sliders)
  • Pivot Hinged Screens (either front pivot shower screen or bay pivot shower screen)

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Semi-frameless shower screens are fast becoming the most popular choice among renovators. They provide the practical benefits of a framed shower screen combined with the aesthetic looks of a frameless shower screen.

Styles available:

  • Sliding Screens (1 or 2 sliders)
  • Pivots Hinged Screens (either front pivot shower screen or bay pivot shower screen)

An image showing a new installation of shower screen panels in Newcastle

Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens bring an added touch of luxury to any residential (or commercial) bathroom. To accompany our superb quality, toughened shower screen glass, we can supply an extensive range of quality hinges, handles, knobs and stability bars to complete your shower screen setup. Our shower screen hinges have been greatly improved, and now feature an optimised hinge plate, superior quality gaskets, scratch protectors and a sealed spring cavity.

Want to learn more about our frameless shower screens? Please call us on (02) 4954 7466 to discuss your needs, or visit our showroom in Newcastle!