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Pool Fencing Requirements

In NSW there are certain laws surrounding swimming pool fencing, to ensure they are made secure with a compliant fence. Statistical evidence shows that the majority of drownings in private swimming pools has been the result of inadequate pool fencing. The NSW Government has provided a list of key pool safety requirements in NSW. Please visit the link to read more.

BASIX for Windows and Doors

The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX ®) aims to deliver equitable, effective water and greenhouse gas reductions across the state. It applies to all residential dwelling types and
is part of the development application process we currently have within NSW.

Glass plays an incredibly important role in this, particularly in the Energy and Thermal  Comfort sections of gaining compliance. Using energy efficiency glass can lead to reduced energy usage by insulating and maintaining inside temperatures, and reducing the reliance on artificial and powered light.

Dulux Powder and Industrial Coatings

Dulux Coatings offer a superior gloss and colour retention when compared with standard polyester powder coatings. It has been developed for use on aluminium windows and door frames, panel work and other exterior metal features. It is also supported by a 20 year durability warranty* when applied by a Dulux® Registered Applicator.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant product warranty.

Care and Maintenance of Windows and Doors

Cleaning of all external windows and doors is essential in the maintain and protection of our windows and doors. This will help avoid any damage to powder coated or anodized finishes. We’ve prepared the following brochure for you to download, regarding cleaning, care and maintenance of windows and doors.

Terms and Conditions

We’ve prepared our Terms and Conditions document and made it available for download below.