Shower Screens

A show room with shower screen panels in Newcastle

Shower Screen Panels for Newcastle

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Semi - Frameless Shower Screens
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Framed Shower Screens are highly fleixble, in that they can be installed directly on your bathroom floor, or raised hobs and even your bath tubs. There are Two types of Framed Shower Screens Available: - 


  • Sliding Screens (1 Slider), or Stacker Screens (2 or Sliders)

  • Pivot Hinged Screens

    • ​Front Pivot Shower Screen

    • Bay Pivot Shower Screen

Semi - Frameless  Shower Screens are fast becoming the most popular choice among the renovationists, they provide the practical benefits of a Frame Shower Screen, and aesthetical looks of a Frameless Shower Screen.


Styles Available: - 

  • Sliding Screens (1 or 2 Sliders)

  • Pivots Hinged Screens

    • Front Pivot Screens

    • Bay Pivot Screens

Frameless Shower Screens
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Frameless Shower Screens are luxurious for any type of bathroom styles, due to their elegant glass only look. At Hi Point Windows, we dont have standards styles or sizes, therefore every Shower Screen is made from scratch to your requirements. Therefore two types of fixing is available: - 


  • Channel Fixing

  • Brackets and Hinges by Fether Glass Systems.


Types of Frameless Systems: - 


  • Hinged Doors with Hinges by Fethers Glass Systems

  • Opto Sliding Screens by Fethers Glass Systems